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Channel 9's A Current Affair, 20th April 2017 - 'Secret Shoppers.' What is a secret shopper (sometimes known as mystery shoppers) and how can you become one? The Realise Group's Kate Gorman reveals how simple it can be to become a secret shopper and get paid for your observations in a variety of retail and service environments. It's all about improving the customer experience.

Channel 9's Today Extra, 11th April 2016 - Mystery Shoppers are earning extra cash by spying on stores using the Field Agent app.  Tasks are dispatched on the app, and each task can pay anywhere from $2 to $20 depending on the level of detail required.

Channel 9's A Current Affair, 28th March 2016 - 'Supermarket Sleuths.' They're the supermarket sleuths cashing in on their shopping habits. They're using Field Agent, a smart phone app that pays customers to tell companies what they like and what they don't like. The big brands are signing up for it to get instant feedback from the everyday Aussies who are buying their products.

Channel 10's The Living Room, 12th April, 2013Jason Cunningham interviews Kate Gorman, GM Field Agent, on the benefits of Mystery Shopping and how to earn quick cash using Field Agent. 

Herald Sun Newspaper, 27th April 2012 - 'The Serve to Conquer - Cheaper Stores also care for Customers' - news article on The Realise Group Mystery Shopping. 

Inside Retail Magazine, April 2012 - 'Come on, get appy' - new article on Field Agent.   

Australian Retail Association Retailer Magazine, February 2012 - 'The iPhone App that Pays Shoppers' - news article on page 10 on Field Agent.      

Herald Sun Newspaper, 22nd November 2011 - 'Champagne Shopping to make us feel a bit special' - news article on the frequency of VIP shopping. Interview with Katie Miles, Managing Director, The Realise Group. 

Channel 9's A Current Affair, October 14th 2011 - 'Get Paid to Shop' - interview with Kate Gorman, GM Field Agent Australia, on how consumers can make extra cash using our free crowdsourcing app, Field Agent, and how retailers can benefit from having eyes and ears in the store.

The Age Newspaper & Sydney Morning Herald, October 10th 2011 - 'In-store spy just not an appy shopper' - new article on benefits of using the Field Agent iPhone App in Australia.

The Age Newspaper, September 24th 2011 - 'Hey Big Retailers, Spend a Little Time with your Clientele - they have dollars to line your coffers' - news article on The Realise Group Mystery Shopping.  

Press Release: NSW Regional Mystery Shoppers Needed