For more than a decade we’ve been developing customer experience research programs designed to tell you exactly what delights and disappoints the people who give you their money. We’re an Australian company, and our systems, processes and programs have been developed locally for the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

The Realise Group, established in 2000, provides customer experience measurement solutions throughout Australasia via Mystery Shopper and Secret Shopping Programs and is a market leader in its field.

Our customer measurement programs take a snapshot of your brand in action and are based on the specific objectives and needs of your business. 

We’ve helped many of this country’s leading brands understand exactly what it is they’re delivering to their customers and how they can create a dialogue with them by giving their customers a voice. We’d love to help you listen to yours.

Our customer experience research services include the following:

In addition to our customer experience research services we also specialise in the provision of outsourced customer service staffing solutions, brand activations, product launches, event planning and production.

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