What Is Field Agent®?

Field Agent® is a smartphone App that provides businesses the ability to collect real-time data in-store to measure a range of promotional or operational compliance standards or to gather consumer feedback on a new promotion, display or at a fraction of the price of traditional research methods. Over 50,000 people across Australia have downloaded the free Field Agent® App.

What Are The Benefits?

  • reach out instantly to our Field Agents across Australia
  • ability to capture price checks, retail audits, out of stock checks, opinion polls, product reviews, competitor research, promotional compliance, mobile shopper and consumer research surveys and much more
  • speed to market and speed of results
  • GPS stamped and time verified data and photos
  • quickly uncover hidden, unexpected insights
  • access a flexible 'pay as you go' system to fit in with your budget.

Being tech-savvy pays. A recent review of over 50,000 registered users of the free Field Agent® App reveals that everyday Australians with smartphones are earning hundreds of dollars in extra cash each year. Our powerful crowdsourcing tool is helping businesses across Australia access real time insights from their customers whilst 'in the moment.'