Our Voice of The Customer (VoC) programs help you understand and improve the customer experience by assessing overall satisfaction and loyalty levels through a variety of customer experience metrics, depending on the desired outcome of the program. They help you identify and understand systemic problems which won’t rear their heads with singular research projects, and they can close the feedback loop between management, customers and frontline staff.

These programs can be ongoing, continuously collecting feedback to track customer responses to various initiatives, or they can be conducted periodically to get a read at a specific point in time. A variety of methods are employed to invite customers to participate, and our real-time, flexible dashboards allow you to zoom out to see the big picture, or zoom in to examine the detail.

Any or all of the following can be used to capture customer feedback and fed into one dashboard to give you a fully rounded view of what your customers are saying:

  • Email invite to customers on loyalty database or following a transaction in store

  • In-Store Pull invite to customers following a transaction

  • Website pop-up invite to customers following a transaction via online store

  • Exit or Intercept Survey responses captured by our trained interviewers for immediate face-to-face feedback

  • Comments from call centre staff taking customer calls at head office

  • Comments from 'Contact Us'/ 'Feedback' links on company website.

Data from other sources, including your Mystery Shopping data, can be incorporated into the dashboard to complete the picture.

To find out more about our Voice of the Customer programs please contact us on +61 3 9687 2360.