A comprehensive understanding of how to satisfy and delight customers can propel companies to higher and more consistent levels of satisfaction, customer loyalty and profitability. Our research projects can help you understand who your customers are, what they want from you and where you sit in the competitive landscape.

Research Analytics

Our research analytics team works closely with clients to design research programs that measure the customer experience in actionable terms.

We use innovative approaches and analytical techniques to develop effective research solutions that transform raw data into meaningful and informative insights.

Our highly qualified team has the expertise to understand your business issues and choose the most appropriate research methodology to address your needs.

Research analytics can help you to:

  • identify key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • link performance to sales and profit outcomes
  • analyse your position relative to competitors
  • formulate strategies to connect and engage with your customers.

Drivers of Delight

A key challenge for any continuous research program is measuring the right things – specifically those things that when changed will positively impact customer experience and subsequently drive improved financial performance.

A Drivers of Delight study identifies the aspects (and their relative importance) of service delivery that drive customer satisfaction and promoters of your brand. This methodology is excellent for gaining feedback from a representative sample of customers (purchasers and non-purchasers, satisfied, dissatisfied and neutral) and is invaluable in determining the key drivers that then shape your ongoing research programs.