As an interviewer with The Realise Group you will gather important information for our clients through market research interviewing. The aim of this research is to gather information about customers’ experiences, their regular shopping behaviour and demographics.

How long does each assignment take?

Each client has different requirements. Sometimes you will be required to conduct a certain number of interviews and on other occasions you may be required to work a shift of a certain duration eg: a 4 hour shift.

Will I be an employee or an independent contractor?

As an interviewer, you will work for The Realise Group as an independent contractor. As a contractor you will need to obtain an ABN (Australian Business Number) from the Tax Office. This is a simple and free process, and can be done either online or by mailing a form to the Tax Office. You will need to advise us of your ABN when you receive it.

How far will I need to travel?

How far you are willing to travel is up to you. You are allocated work based on the information you provide us about your location and preferred travel distance. We then allocate work in a radius around this location, to the distance you have specified.

What skills do I need to be an interviewer?

To become an interviewer you will need:

  • excellent report writing skills
  • the ability to follow instructions accurately
  • to be reliable eg: complete assignments on time
  • your own car or transport
  • access to a computer and the internet
  • a printer
  • well groomed.